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It is a sort of every day drug addiction, the most wide spread form of which represents nicotinism.

How does addiction appear?

In teen age a person begins to smoke because of the curiosity, on example of the grown ups and friends, influence of films and television, cash money presence, naughtiness, wish not to be behind children of the same age and fear of being unfashionable and not modern.
Presence of the family problems and some other feelings, using alcoholic drinks, surplus weight, problems and troubles at school - all the above mentioned factors can serve for the beginning of smoking.
At first stage smoking provokes unpleasant feelings: tickling in one’s throat, cough, sickness, vomiting, but if a person continues smoking unpleasant feelings gradually go away, habit is being worked out. So called nicotine syndrome is gradually formed to smokers. The beginning of the nicotine syndrome one should consider a period when unpleasant feeling caused by smoking goes away.                                       
       What is the scheme of the addiction development?

The first stage is called every day smoking. A person seldom smokes at first. Then every day smoking appears. It seems to smoker that his capacity for work is increasing, he/she feels better. At the period of the second stage obtrusive wish to smoke is formed. Addiction of smoking appears. Vice versa a person feels worse: headaches appear, irritation, the night dreams are violated, efficiency of his work is reducing, fatigability is increasing, and cough troubles him/her. The third stage is partial smoking. Addiction has not only physical but psychological character. Irresistible desire to smoke appears. Habit of smoking on an empty stomach, right after a meal and often at night develops.

What are the after effects?

Smoking brings development of various diseases including those which are followed by deadly result: lungs cancer, chronic bronchitis and lungs emphysema, ischemia heart disease. Components of a smoke assist: irritated eye appearance, change of color feeling, reducing of eye sight sharpness, reducing of hearing and sense of smell sharpness, smokers hardly differ smells. Rhinitis often appears. Nicotine and other components of tobacco smoke influence badly organs of internal secretion. Elements of tobacco smoke influence negatively on the activity of sexual organs as well.

Smoking often brings sharpening of the most easy diseases, such as influenza, sharp respirative disease, quinsy. Such diseases go less actively to long term smokers as organism weakened by nicotine is not able to struggle actively.
If a person began smoking in teen age, the duration of his /her life is reduced for more than 8 years.  

How to resist addiction?

English psychiatrist Russel once said the following: “People smoke not because they want to smoke but because they can not stop it”.
That is why the best way to resist will be refusal to smoke.

Nowadays healthy way of life has become fashionable and refusal to smoke will not bring … Besides, it is enough to say: “I do not want” without explanation or one can refuse and explain reasons/motives of the refusal.
If one has had smoking experience it is necessary to work out strong position that smoking is harmful and most important it is very dangerous for life! It is important to think on aftereffects! It is better to enjoy and take away stress with a help of regular sport and culture activities.

It is important to know and remember that:

  1. Sale of tobacco products to children under age is not allowed (art.4 Federal Law “On limitation of tobacco smoking” of 01/07/2001 #87 – FZ).
  2. Tobacco smoking at place of one’s work, in public city and local transport, in air transport, in closed sport objects/ premises, organizations of health care, culture, at the territory and  in the premises of educational bodies, in the premises of federal bodies (art.6 Federal Law “On limitation of tobacco smoking” of 01/07/2001 #87 – FZ).



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