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Яндекс цитирования

From Greek «nark-» - being torpid, rigid, freeze, «mania-» - insanity, passion. Disease manifested in physical and / or psychic addiction of the user from drugs, gradually bringing to his / her organism destruction.

How does addiction appear?

A person often tries using drugs because of the curiosity or “solidarity” with the company of friends. It also happens that he/she agrees to use restricted preparation without wish, under physical or psychological pressure.
Usually drug addiction development begins with the drugs usage from time to time. But their action is insidious. At first it seems that there is no danger and one can refuse at any moment. But insidiousness of the drugs is in the fact that psychological addiction appears after a few trials of the drugs, and very often from the first time!
What is the scheme of the addiction development?

On the first stage of addiction development basically regular usage of the preparations appears (weakness for them develops), wish to enlarge the quantity of the substance pops up as well as psychic and sometimes physical addiction of the preparation develops. Psychic addiction appears in the process of accustoming to drugs.
The next stage is characterized by the wish of the further drugs usage and some level of psychic addiction from the preparation effect.
On the last stage strong regular desire and irresistible need (obtrusive state) of the further drugs usage appears which brings the aspiration for getting it by any way (theft, selling of one’s personal property in prejudice of the family, using violence), desire of dosage enlargement appears while addiction develops as well as complete psychic addiction of drugs effect takes place. At this time a person does not belong to himself, he belongs to drugs and completely depends on them.

What are the consequences?

In most cases people taking drugs die because of the too large dosage. In a few years of taking drugs complete destruction of the liver and a whole organism comes. But many do not survive till that moment and die from allergy, infectious and accompanying diseases, for example, AIDS and Hepatitis. Many people make suicide, die from diseases or from violent death as drug addicts live in criminal environment connected with organized criminality. Drug addict looses instinct of self-preservation and can easily get frozen, become the victim of a crime, get into accident i.e. be lost because of the accident. Taking drugs completely changes way of life of a person, problems in a family begin, he / she looses friends. Problems which a drug addict wants to get rid of, often get more crucial and on a larger scale.
To continue taking drugs “light” or “heavy” means to leave oneself for mental and physical degradation, loneliness, horrible diseases, torments and early death.

How to resist addiction?

Best protection from drug addiction is a flat refusal “to try it once”. It is necessary to remember that drugs begin to control person from the first usage, do not give him opportunity to think for himself, drugs lead people to crimes, give false view on happiness, they often bring people to accidents, break families, destroy friendship, bring about ugliness of the children.
Drugs represent the source of many diseases, including incurable, they represent obstacle to spiritual development, make a person weak and weak-willed.
A person is a highly organized intellectual creature that is why dooming oneself to inevitable death, it is important to remember that it is beyond human dignity. So, a drug addict will never be able to enjoy life and be happy in full measure, will not be able to have and bring up healthy children.

It is important to know and remember, that:

1) Criminal responsibility is stipulated for:
- illegal purchase, storage, moving, production and processing of drugs (art. 228 RF Criminal Code),
- illegal production, distribution and transportation of drugs (art. 228.1  RF Criminal Code),
- theft or extortion of drugs (art. 229 RF Criminal Code),
- inclination for drugs usage (art. 230 RF Criminal Code).

Besides, responsibility comes from the age of 14 on the art. 229 of RF Criminal Code!

2)Committing crime in the state of alcoholic or drug intoxication does not exclude criminal responsibility.
3) Administrative responsibility is stipulated for:
- illegal turnover of drugs (art. 6.8  RF Administrative delinquencies Code),
- drugs use without doctor’s prescription (ar.6.9 RF Administrative delinquencies Code).

The Federal bodies guarantee to drug addicts rendering narcological aid which includes check-up, consultancy, diagnostics and medical and social rehabilitation. Narcological aid is rendered to drug addicts according to their request or agreement, and to drug addicts under age it is rendered without their agreement, but on request or agreement of the parents or legal representatives (items 1,2, art.54 of Federal Law “On drugs and psychotropic substances” from 08.01.1998 #3-FZ).



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