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Youth is the time of constant search and experiments. Unfortunately, these experiments often include usage of drugs, alcohol, tobacco and risky sex, which leads to diseases: HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis-C.

Drug abuse, alcohol and smoking addiction are one of the important problems of our society.

At the end of the 20th century alcohol abuse, drug addiction and other psychoactive agents abuse became the epidemic. Within the last decade alcohol abuse, drug addiction and other psychoactive agents abuse by the under age children and youth in Russia turned into a problem posing a grave threat to health of the population, national economics, social sphere and law and order.

Alcohol abuse, drug addiction and smoking are virtually the notions standing it the same line. Formation mechanisms of all the addictions unfortunately are the same. As a rule, they are based on the similar psychological mechanisms.

The most frightful of the addictions – drug addiction is inseparably linked with the most terrible disease of the 21st century - HIV/ AIDS, Hepatitis-C. Their spreading is one of the most dreadful problems of the society.

Young people need practical knowledge which would help them to protect themselves. This section of the web-site is created for presentation of the information necessary for decision making on one’s own health as well as for rendering necessary informational support in the issues of the kind.


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