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Вниманию ЛИЦ БЕЗ ГРАЖДАНСТВА!!! До 01.01.2025 г. ЛБГ должны урегулировать свой правовой статус в РФ. Иначе они обязаны покинуть РФ не позднее 31.03.2025 г. или будут депортированы!

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reception of citizens has a lawyer E. Samarskaya


   This section is intended for:

  • IDPs;
  • refugees;
  • foreign nationals;
  • stateless persons;
  • asylum seekers.

   This section contains information that describes circumstances under which you may be recognized as a forced migrant or a refugee. The procedure of recognition as a forced migrant or a refugee is described briefly, as well as benefiting from rights and guarantees regarding resettlement, as well as the mechanism of appealing actions of agencies in case of disagreement with pronounced judgment.


reception of citizens has a lawyer  N. Shamina


reception of citizens has a lawyer  Y. Solodova

   The most topical citizenship issues are covered, such as: the simplified acquisition of citizenship of the RF, the way children acquire citizenship of the RF, validating citizenship of the RF. The section contains information that any foreign citizen should know when entering the Russian Federation.

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