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Improving the educational level of women

In 2000 – 2001  the organization  implemented the project “Improving the educational level of women”.

In 2000 – 2001  the organization  implemented the project “Improving the educational level of women”.

The  goal of the project – rendering assistance  in  settling women – forced migrants at the new place of residence,  by means of improving their educational level  with  subsequent job placement.
In the  framework of the project  150 women  of the number of forced migrants  completed the courses of  bookkeepers  with hands-on computer skills, secretaries – consultants,  PC users.  “The Informatics Center”  offered a 30% discount for the  training course.  
In  cooperation with  the Pyatigorsk office of the Department of the  Federal  State Employment Service of the Stavropol Region, “The Job Hunters’ Club” was established,  that was  visited  by  courses’ graduates. The goal of the club’s activities – teaching basic skills of job search.  During  classes the participants  learned  the ways of presenting themselves,  the  methods of  compiling resumes.  The Club enlisted the services of a psychologist,  who acted as a trainer during classes.  At the Club  the participants  received the information  about  the  most effective  ways  of  job search. 
In the framework of the project the brochure  “The first step to employment”  was published,  where  the  results of the project-related activities,  the results of the club’s activities,  the ways of job search,  designing of presentation materials (resumes,  questionnaires)  while job hunting were  reflected.  The goal of this publication is rendering  assistance to  temporary unemployed people  in  mastering the ways of  job search, that in the long run would help  them  to  find real  employment.

Becoming employed  was the  final  stage of the  project.  The great majority of  women who completed the training  courses found employment at various organizations.



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