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27-A, Kirova St., Pyatigorsk
Tel/fax: (8793) 97-43-24,
e-mail: vnl@kmv.ru, idp@kmv.ru

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Olga Plykina,
member of organization's Council

«Faith, Hope, and Love» was established in 1997 and was named as Public Charitable Organization of Relief to Forced Migrants and Refugees “Faith, Hope, and Love”.

In 2004 some changes were inserted in the statute of our organization, and it changed its name for “Stavropol Regional Public Charitable Organization “Faith, Hope, and Love”.

On September, 2011 the name of the organization is “Inter-Regional Public Charitable Organization “Faith, Hope, and Love”.

The purpose of the organization - providing charity care to the population  in collaboration with the government sector.

During many years Olga Aleksandrovna Plykina was chairwoman of the organization. Our organization gained under her guidance authority among international funds, humanitarian organizations, NGOs, and government structures, as well as implemented a lot of projects on protection and rendering help to forced migrants.

Olga Plykina is the author of some publications: “Protect Your Rights”, “Law Is in Your Hands” and other ones, which are intended for forced migrants and contain recommendations, legal information related to legitimate rights of that category of people.

From April, 2005 to October, 2007 Elena Drozdova was chairwoman of the organization. She also conducted work on protection of forced migrants and refugees’ rights. From October, 2007 to May, 2009 the organization was guided by Olga Ivanova.

Anastasiya Ponomareva,
Chairwoman of organization

Elena Polishuk,
Director of the Moscow agency

In May, 2009 organization was headed by Anastasiya Ponomareva, who has been working in the organization since 2004. During all years of her work at the organization “Faith, Hope, and Love” she carries out activities on rendering assistance to socially vulnerable categories of persons.

The head office of IRPCO “Faith, Hope, and Love” is located in Pyatigorsk. It determines guidelines for action, works out and implements projects and programs of rendering assistance to people who need it in the North Caucasus.

Elena Samarskaya,

The Moscow agency of our organization which was set up in 2004 renders assistance to socially vulnerable categories of persons in Moscow, and assistance in solving the problems of the target groups at the federal level.

The main activities of the Inter-Regional Public Charitable Organization "Faith, Hope, and Love" currently are:

- charitable legal and social assistance to the population,

- development of cooperation with the public sector on the provision of assistance to target groups,

- encourage the development, strengthening the non-profit sector, cooperation with the media.

Nellya Shamina,


Stanislav Isalovsky,

The cooperation promoting the working-out and the adoption of agreed decisions on the implementation of a socio-orientated aid for the population was established with Social Welfare Centers, Centers of Social Protection of the Populations and Departments of the Pension Fund of Russia, Machineries of the Ombudsmen of The North Caucasus Federal District, many non-profit non-governmental organizations, international foundations.

In order to jointly examine problems of vulnerable categories of people and work out ways to solving them Inter-Regional Public Charitable Organization “Faith, Hope, and Love” collaborates with different NGOs and charitable foundations.

Elena Drozdova,

Valentina Tsarevskaya,

The collaboration consists of the joint solution of problems of forced migrants, refugees, stateless persons, asylum seekers and other vulnerable populations, the sharing of experience and collected materials, and of the participation in seminars and round tables.

Vladislav Tsarevskiy,

frolov 2.jpg

Andrey Frolov,

Close cooperation with the Chamber of Advocates of the Stavropol Territory was established, from 2009 "FHL" is fruitfully cooperating with the Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights.

Joining forces to help those in need has significantly increased the efficiency of support, allowed to increase the number of beneficiaries, reduce the time to solve the problems of target groups.


Vasiliy Kharitonenko,


Mariya Fedorova, 

The staff of the organization consists of qualified and experienced lawyers, specialists on social issues and public relations.

Employees of IRPCO “Faith, Hope, and Love” are constantly improving their level of professional skills, participate in various training seminars, conferences, meetings and roundtables.


Nadezhda Sviridova,


Elena Dinges,
accountant of organization

This section of the web-site contains information about activities – projects, trainings, meetings, round tables, which were conducted by our organization within the period of its work.

Alyona Kostenkova,
lawyer's assistant

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