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Вниманию ЛИЦ БЕЗ ГРАЖДАНСТВА!!! До 01.01.2025 г. ЛБГ должны урегулировать свой правовой статус в РФ. Иначе они обязаны покинуть РФ не позднее 31.03.2025 г. или будут депортированы!

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Rules of procedure of the ECHR
Requests for interim measures pursuant to Rule 39

   Together with the submission of an application the applicant has the right to request the use of Rule 39 of the Rules of Court («Interim measures») which provides that the Chamber of the Court or, where applicable, its President may, at the request of a party or of any other person concerned, or of its own motion, indicate to the parties any interim measure which it considers should be adopted in the interests of the parties or of the proper conduct of the proceedings before it. As a rule, a decision on interim measures is taken in practice in cases when extradition or deportation threaten an applicant. Such a decision includes a proposal to the respondent state not to deport the applicant.

Requests for priority examination pursuant to Rule 41

   The Chamber or its President may give priority to a particular application in accordance with Rule 41. The Court receives several hundreds of requests for priority examination every year. Most of them are not satisfied. Therefore an applicant should have forcible arguments when making a request for an urgent procedure. According to the indicated Rule, there is a possibility of examining an application on a priority basis taking into account particular circumstances of the applicant or the character of the application itself.



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